Edna Monique


Her Story

Inspired by the music of predominant internationally renowned artists like Paul McCartney, Evanescence, Sade, Camila, Celine Dion, and others, Edna Monique has received critical acclaim as a vocalist equally in the English and Latin markets.  Edna has forged her musical experiences across a wide spectrum of art forms and musical styles. She is an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and arranger.


The Beginning

As a child, she learned classical piano and sang Pop, Latin, and Musical Theatre.  In college, she studied Opera, later taking it up as a serious career with enormous success and accomplishment.  Her versatility is a trademark of her unique style as an artist. She demonstrates this in her singing and in her songwriting, continually mixing various elements of rock, pop, latin, eclectic, and even symphonic elements into her musical arrangements in the songs she chooses to write and perform. Edna truly believes “The sky’s the limit!”, when it comes to music recording and songwriting. 



In addition, Edna has captivated audiences around the globe since age 17, beginning with her release of her first Latin album “La Flor” Con Mariachi Los Gavilanes (under former artistic name, Monica Ceballos), and distributed by Sigala Records.  She quickly became described as “The Voice of Fine Velvet” as stated by the Spanish Editorial Section of The L.A. Times, La Opinión.  With the support from various local and regional radio stations, and certain big-name artists, her talent proved worthy of attention and people began to take notice.  In 2016, Edna released her first english pop single "Goodnight Saigon". Originally recorded in the early 1980's by famed composer Billy Joel, Edna's single makes waves as she gives her own tribute to Vietnam vets. On vocals and piano, she makes it her own style.


Edna Now

Edna will be launching her first pop EP in 2017. This album will mark her debut as a singer-songwriter.  The album will consist of Pop, Rock, and R&B influences with tunes both in English and in Spanish. It is quite an exciting time. Stay tuned for news to come!

"whose soprano voice WOWS the audience!"

Los Angeles Times

"La voz de terciopelo..."

La Opinion